Moovit guide: Tips for a more enjoyable commute

Published: October 11, 2016

Did you know, an average American spends 25.4 minutes traveling to work (check out this map to see the average for your area). That is almost an hour each day, and 220 hours over the course of a year!

That’s a lot of time wasted… right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

The first step is changing your mode of transport. Moovit makes it easier to make the switch from your car to public transit, because of its features such as: trip planning, live arrival and departure times, up-to-date line schedules, local station maps, service alerts, and advisories that mean you can avoid anything that may affect your trip. 

Once you make the move to public transport, you won’t go back! You now have your hands and brain free to concentrate on anything but driving, or traffic.

Read Moovit’s guide on how to better use your time during your commute. This week:

How to Relax on your Commute

1. Listen to music — music is one of the optimal ways to escape the stresses of the day. Whether you want to listen to something uplifting on your way to work or something serene to help decompress after a long day, there are tons of great pre-made playlists to choose from. The Spotify Discover Weekly playlist is a great way to open yourself up to new genres of music. Otherwise, your commute is a ideal time put together your perfect playlist and hear your favorite jams on repeat.

2. Meditate — it’s no secret that meditation is a great way to start or end your day. If you can learn to do this while on a crowded bus, it means you can do it anywhere! Headspace is a brilliant facilitator of meditation, and certainly worth a try.

3. Watch your favorite show — your couch isn’t the only place you can catch up on your favorite shows, your commute is too. In fact you might even want to get off at the next stop, just so you can finish your episode! Check out the best shows/movies in October on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Hulu.

4. Have a nap — when using Moovit Live Directions, you can count on us to give you the wake up call when you decide to get some shut eye on your commute. Click here to learn how to receive Get off Notifications on your trip.

5. Find solitude — there are plenty of Instagram accounts that make you feel at ease. Find some solitude through inspiring quotes & beautiful photography by following: happstersbrahmino, indradel_, misswinter, & yogainspiration.

Stay tuned for the next installment of how to make your commute more enjoyable. For now, inspire your friends to have a more relaxed commute by sharing this!

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