Moovit makes it easier for you to get your own Snapchat Spectacles

Published: November 22, 2016

What are Spectacles?

If you hadn’t heard already, Snapchat has made its own sunglasses with a camera inside, under their new company “Snap, Inc.”. You can record 115-degree, wide-angle video clips that you can then upload to your Snapchat page through Bluetooth or WiFi .

How do I get my own pair?

Although there was a slow release of Spectacles through their traveling vending machine, the Snap, Inc. team have now set up shop in New York City, in the southeastern corner of Central Park (opposite the Apple Store). So you know what to expect, you can see photos of the store itself here.

You will still have to wait in a line for a long time, but they will be refilling the vending machine when it runs out, so you can definitely get a pair, as long as you manage to get in within the opening hours (see below).

How much are Spectacles?

The Spectacles aren’t pocket change, but they are fairly reasonably priced for a gadget like this at $130 a piece. Their launch is also perfectly timed as the perfect festive gift for your favorite Snapchat-obsessed friend.

How do I get to Spectacles?

Moovit has made it even easier for our users to get to the new Spectacles store in New York City by adding it as a Point of Interest on the app.

Simply search for “Spectacles Storefront” and the store will pop up as an option. You can get the best directions there from your current, or chosen location, and get snap happy!

Snapchat Spectacles Moovit Screenshot New York

Snapchat Spectacles Moovit Screenshot New York Zoom


5 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022

Dates open:

Open through New Year’s Eve

Closed on Thanksgiving (11/24/16), Christmas Eve (12/24/16), and Christmas Day (12/25/16).

Opening times:

Monday-Friday 4pm-10pm

Saturday-Sunday 6am-12pm

If one of your friends is Snapchat obsessed and is eager to get their hands on some Spectacles, make their day by sharing this post so that they can get to the store easily to get this latest gadget!

Moovit recently joined Snapchat, so follow our story by adding us here!

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