Moovit’s Community Turns 2!

Published: February 24, 2016

This month marks the two-year anniversary of our Community program, and we’re so happy to celebrate the accomplishments of all of our editors. Two years ago, the Moovit Community went from a pipe dream to a fully-fledged reality in Brazil, as the first group of dedicated individuals mapped and launched the city of
João Pessoa in the app.


In the past two years, our Community editors have volunteered their time and energy to map over 100 cities that we would not otherwise have been able to launch in the app due to a lack of readily available transit data. Since the program’s launch in 2014, the Community has grown to more than 30,000 editors who help us keep vital transit information up to date for transit riders all over the world, and have helped to bring transit data to many regions and cities that otherwise wouldn’t be served. Because of the efforts of the Community, over 121 million people worldwide have access to necessary transit data and can enjoy smoother journeys on public transit.


With that in mind, let’s take a look back at some of the accomplishments of our dedicated Community members over the past two years:  


  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA: the first Community-mapped city to launch in the U.S.
  • Puebla, Mexico: the 100th Community city to launch in the app; part of a first-of-its-kind Leadership Program with the local university in which the mapping of the city was incorporated into the curriculum of a “Rebuilding Citizenship” course
  • Guangzhou, China: the first Chinese Community city to launch, with a population of over 8.5 million
  • Eisenach, Germany: one Community editor mapped the entire city and became a Super Editor in just 10 days; the editor continues to perfect and expand the Eisenach transit map with regional buses, extending the service area each day
  • Milan, Italy: the local transit agency was inspired by the contributions of the Community in Milan and decided to collaborate with the Moovit Community on the project to bring vital transit data to even more local transit riders
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland: Moovit launched in Belfast in January, and is the first UK city to be opened to the Community for users to continue adding. Several Community editors have risen to the challenge and are busy extending the service of the city


Each and every one of our Community editors deserves recognition for their efforts, and to celebrate the past two years of our Community program, we’ll be kicking off a monthly series highlighting some of our editors who have made truly significant contributions to Moovit’s growth around the world. First up this month is Yann from Briançon, France.


Due to health issues, Yann had to have several serious operations and was no longer able to drive. He started taking buses to his regular hospital appointments, but was frustrated by the lack of access to up-to-date schedules. While looking for better ways to travel around his town, he decided to join the Moovit Community to empower himself to be able to travel independently to his doctor’s appointments. In just a month and a half, Yann mapped the city’s bus stops and lines, and made sure the schedules were correct. Yann not only helped himself get around when he had no other options, but now the entire town benefits from his efforts.
Editors like Yann help make the Moovit Community what it is, and we’re excited to continue sharing their stories with you. If you want to impact your own community, sign up here

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