Say ‘Hello!’ to the First Public Transit Bot

Published: April 27, 2016

Between making dinner plans with friends and checking in with your aunt halfway across the country, you already spend plenty of time chatting with your friends and family on Facebook Messenger. Now, you can chat with Moovit, too. Today we launched the first ever bot for public transportation, integrated with Facebook’s Messenger platform to make your experience on public transit even smoother.


Our version of the Messenger bot supports trip planning questions and requests, and provides suggested routes for any of your journeys on public transit. Just tell the bot where you want to go and where you’re traveling from, and it’ll provide you with the top routes to get there. Even if you’re in the middle of a Messenger conversation with your sister about her vacation, the Moovit bot will help make sure you’ll make it to the bus in time without having to switch between apps.  

To start planning a trip using the Moovit bot, follow this link or search for “Moovit” in the Facebook Messenger search bar. The bot is currently available in English, but additional languages will be integrated soon.

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