Hey Siri, Get Me Home (With Moovit)

Published: September 24, 2018

iPhone users, update your phones. Exclusively on iOS 12 and Moovit’s latest update, you’re able to use Moovit via Siri Shortcuts.

Hands full? In a rush? Now you can select your favorite destination, for example, work, home or the gym, and view any transit station or line by asking Siri. Pick a command like “Get me home” or “When will line 2 arrive?” and Siri Shortcuts will lead you directly to Moovit’s Suggested Routes from your current location.

This new feature can save you time, and may soon become the one of most useful Siri Shortcuts you have!

It’s really easy to set up. To personalize your command for any of the Moovit Siri Shortcuts, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app

2. Tap on Siri & Search

3. Tap on “All Shortcuts” and scroll down to the section titled “Moovit”

4. Find the suggested shortcut you would like to personalize (example ”Home”)

5. Tap on the + icon and record a personalized phrase (example – “Get me home”)

6. Confirm and you are done!

You can set up Siri Shortcuts for various Moovit features. Below are some examples we recommend:

  • Suggested routes to your home: “get me home!”
  • Frequently visited station / stop: “bus arrivals at home” or “home station departures
  • Frequently used line: “line 2 schedule” or “when will line 2 arrive?

Follow the steps below to set up Siri Shortcuts for Moovit.

How to Set Up Moovit Siri Shortcuts

All you need to say is Hey Siri, followed by your command. It’s that simple!

posted by Kate Azima, Moovit Marketing and Communications Manager

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