Moovit's Vision: The Role of Public Transit in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles

Published: May 14, 2018

Iceland and the future of urban mobility may seem incongruous at first. But not when its capital Reykjavik hosts the the SMART City Conference at which one of the speakers is Moovit’s own Josh Wine talking about the role of public transit in a Smart City.

Reykjavik already has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, including renewable energy and ubiquitous fibre-optic broadband for its 125,000 inhabitants. The city is now in the midst of a digital transformation with a focus on innovation in services and mobility.

Some of the world’s experts in this space convened at the Harpa Concert & Conference Hall to share lessons learned from cities that are already on this journey.  

Josh, Moovit’s Chief Revenue Officer, took the stage to present Moovit’s vision on the role of public transit in the era of autonomous vehicles (AV).

He discussed how managing the transport infrastructure of our growing cities will require massive solutions that coordinate everyone’s movement smoothly and efficiently. The brain and nerve center for urban mobility will be data systems that manage every aspect of a commuter’s daily travel. You can his full presentation here at 4 hours 30 minutes.

Moovit, as the world’s largest transport data and analytics company and the #1 public transit app, is focused on building the operating system of urban mobility to be that brain and nerve center.

For more information, read Co-founder and CEO Nir Erez’s latest opinion piece via Fast Company, “Data Systems Can Be The Air Traffic Control Tower Of Urban Mobility.“

Moovit is available in Reykjavic as well as +2,200 cities across the world.

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