Moovit and Cubic Further Bridge the ‘Look, Book and Pay’ Process for Transit Riders

Currently, the trip planning and payment process of public transportation is largely disjointed.  Figuring out how much a journey will cost may sound easy, but to many, this can be a hassle and anxiety-inducing. The fare for the Tube in London, for example, changes depending on the hour of the day. And being at the front of a l…

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Moovit and Cubic partner to enable commuters to plan multimodal trips, and pay for them too, via one app

While public transportation has become more efficient and accessible over the years, most commuters still friction when planning and paying for their journey. Riders can quickly plan their trip, but still deal with the hassle of constantly searching their pockets for change, or swiping out debit and credit cards at different payment stations when they want to hop on a bus or train, for example. That’s why today is an exciting one …

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