Mobile Payment

In New York City, Thousands Skip the Ticket Line to Pay for Transit Journeys

With digital schedules and real-time information, mobile apps have become some of the most useful and efficient ways for public transit riders to plan their journeys. Riders can view their options and select the most suitable trips for them, but the most convenient apps offer users the ability to plan — and pay — for their journeys. 

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Moovit and Arriva roll out MaaS country-wide for the first time in the Netherlands

No matter the city or country, making public transport journeys more convenient, accessible and frictionless increases loyal ridership. Riders are seeking more personalized and flexible transport journey experiences that better fit their needs, while transit agencies can implement new and sustainable systems that better serve t…

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1.3 Million NFTA-Metro Riders Can Now Enjoy Safer Transit with Contactless Payments

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been increasingly impressed with transit agencies’ abilities to adapt their services and balance the fine line between meeting the needs of riders while reducing costs and keeping both riders and drivers safe. 

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Our new partnership in Spain and Portugal with Wondo

This morning during South Summit 2019 in Madrid, we announced a strategic partnership with Wondo, owned by Ferrovial. Nir Erez, our co-founder and CEO, joined Ion Cuervas-Mons, Wondo’s CEO on stage to discuss the future of urban mobility, the concept of mobility as a service (MaaS) and the specifics of the partnership. Following his appearance on stage, Nir spent some time at the Wondo booth….

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