Moovit City Experts: New Mooviter Community Initiative Takes Place in Bucharest

A new community initiative and the next frontier of Moovit’s community programs saw Mooviters, both veterans and newcomers, hit the streets of Bucharest to improve the local public transit information in the Romanian capital city. The

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Commuter Kate: How to Make a Difference in your Community

Last week’s blog was all about back to school tips. One of the tips was to get involved in extracurricular activities, like joining the Moovit University Program. This got me thinking about joining forces with other like-minded individuals to get something importan…

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The Mooviter Community Turns 4 and reaches 300,000 members

This month, the Mooviter program reached the impressive milestone of 300,000 members in only four years. The Mooviter program consists of passionate local editors who help m…

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