How Crowded is Your Bus? Know in Real-Time and Help Others by Self-Reporting

In today’s world of social distancing, we can help each other feel more confident riding public transportation together. We recently announced new occupancy and accessibility imp…

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The Future of Urban Mobility: 5 Transit Trends We’re Seeing for 2021

While a lot still feels the same as 2020, change is coming to public transit in 2021.  When looking ahead in the mobility sector, there is a lot of hard work to be done, but there are also exciting opportunities to transform mobility in our cities to create more livable spaces for everyone. No matter what, one thing remains tru…

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Keeping Australians on the Move with Moovit and MaaS

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is growing in Australia and Moovit is excited to be a part of the rapidly-growing ecosystem. As urbanisation and rapid population growth continue throughout the country, congestion and the rise of single rider cars, along with the burden on aging public transport systems, are becoming key topics of discussion in Australian cities and among transport operato…

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How Urban Mobility is Changing and What Riders Want Now

In our post-COVID-19 new normal, public transportation is facing a whole new reality, and at this point, most agencies have more questions than answers. How is urban mobility changing? Will public transportation survive – and if so, what can make it thrive? What do riders need to be attracted back to public transit that makes them feel safe and supported as they return to a dif…

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