Public Transit: Now More Accessible Than Ever

Published: March 30, 2016

At Moovit, we’re always working to make sure you have the smoothest public transit experiences possible. We know how hard it can sometimes be to try and figure out how to get around on public transportation, but imagine not being able to read the bus schedule, much less see the approaching bus.


Around the world, there are nearly 40 million people living with blindness, many of whom depend on public transportation to get around. In the latest version of the app, we’ve made every screen accessible to blind riders with VoiceOver and TalkBack enabled on their iOS and Android devices. With the new accessible integration, blind users simply have to hold their finger on their phone screen to hear which button or icon is beneath it, helping them to navigate more seamlessly through the app, and allowing them to plan trips on public transit with ease.


We worked with a blind developer – Adi Kushnir – who provided his own first-hand experience as a blind transit rider to help us create this accessible integration and make sure that the app would be easy to use for all blind users. While this is our first version (of many!) with accessible functionality, we hope that the VoiceOver and TalkBack integration in Version 4.10 will help blind transit riders feel more independent as they navigate their cities, and less reliant on bus operators or station announcements to figure out where they’re going or when it’s time to get off the bus or train.

Happy riding!

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