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The Current State of Public Transit

Traditional fixed-route transportation plays a crucial role in keeping citizens connected with cheap and efficient mobility. But those who don’t live close to transit stations are often left to find their own mobility solutions, often turning to private cars, contributing to congestion and pollution.

The result of inefficient fixed-route networks is a mix of transit deserts, where high demand for public transit is far from being met, and transit oases, where demand is met with too much service. Because of this, cities and public transit agencies have steadily been losing riders to ride-hailing services, enticing riders with trips that are less expensive than taxis and quicker than fixed-route buses. 


Fill Your Mobility Gaps with High-Quality Service

Moovit On-Demand enables cities and agencies to transform public transportation and respond to demand in real-time. With automated, dynamic routing and optimization, cities and agencies are empowered to deliver the most efficient service your riders will love. With an easy-to-use riders app for the full ‘plan, pay, ride’ experience, Moovit On-Demand boosts ridership and improves your rider’s journeys by connecting your on-demand service with your full transportation network for better connectivity and seamless journeys. 

Empower Riders, Simplify Operations:

  • Improve citizen access to economic, social, and professional opportunities, especially in underserved areas
  • Extend or complement inefficient fixed-routes to serve more customers quicker and save money
  • Digitize and automate booking and dispatching and become a more flexible, agile organization with the ability to fill gaps as they arrive
  • Connect riders to the full multimodal mobility network

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