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Reliable Transportation Alternatives for Students and Employees in the City of Haifa

The Challenge

Egged, the largest public transit company in Israel, wanted to begin operating its first on-demand solution to help solve three main challenges:

  • Reduce the number of private vehicles on the road
  • Add first-/last-mile options to and from public transport and the city’s major industrial, educational and commercial districts
    • Enabling students to easily get to and from the Technion University
    • Allowing employees to quickly get to work 
    • Offering tourists and visitors easy access to cultural and entertainment hubs throughout the city
  • Offer complimentary service in areas where public transport doesn’t operate

They required a modern solution that would help plan the routes and manage and operate a fleet of 50 shuttles. Egged wanted the solution to be a part of its own app. 

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The Solution

Egged selected Moovit’s On-Demand solution to power its’ fleet in Haifa, called TikTak, and plans to extend the solution to Jerusalem in the coming months.

An operator’s control center offers a dynamic routing engine and dashboard that shows the fleet in real-time and enables communication with drivers. Shuttle drivers use an app with turn-by-turn driving instructions to pickup and dropoff locations and allows the driver to keep track of passenger pickup and dropoffs, and no-shows. The driver app also allows communication between the drivers and the control center. 

For riders, TikTak allows Haifa residents to book and pay for on-demand rides through the app, with real-time arrival updates, determining the best pickup point for their location. 

In the planning phase, Egged utilized Moovit’s Urban Mobility Analytics for the logistics of service area distribution, using historical demand data from Moovit’s repository to define and adjust service corridors.

Reasons for Choosing Moovit’s On-Demand:

  • Scalable, plug-and-play solution
  • Seamless integration with the customers APIs
  • Big Data-powered planning phase for utmost accuracy
  • Attractive, easy-to-use operations control center system UI


The service began with 35 shuttles and quickly grew to 50 shuttles in order to satisfy demand. Pilot riders on the shuttles enjoyed short wait times and faster arrival times than buses, with around a $1 total difference in price, while the rides had the same arrival time as a taxi but with a price difference of nearly $5 less than a taxi. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTak was expanded to more areas of Haifa, enabling essential workers to get to their workplaces easily and safely. 

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About Egged:

Egged is Israel’s leading public transit company, and one of the world’s largest operators. The Egged Group employs 9,000 people in Israel and around the world. It has an annual revenue turnover of nearly US$ 1.13 billion. Egged buses bite nearly 35% of the market share in Israel’s transit industry. Nearly 4,000 Egged buses transport nearly one million passengers, traveling a distance of roughly 622 thousand miles every day.

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