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Today’s Mobility Challenges for Employers

Employers and business districts have unique needs. These challenges often include first-/last-mile challenges, where employees have a long walk or inconvenient travel method to get to and from work from the nearest transit hub. Business districts also struggle with major traffic and congestion issues during morning and evening rush hours and a lack of parking spots for employees and customers.

Combined, these issues are too often the cause of high employee turnover. For many employees, if getting to work is too hard or expensive, they’ll look for a job elsewhere. 

On-Demand for Employer and Employee Peace-of-Mind

Moovit On-Demand offers dynamic, on-demand services that leverage smart algorithms to handle dispatch and routing. A budget management tool gives service operators utmost insight into commuter costs and the solution’s intuitive dashboard offers data and insights that continue to help you optimize your service for the benefit of all.

Businesses are encouraged to partner with nearby organizations struggling with the same mobility struggles. Pooling resources together enables sustainable success in building an on-demand service that will solve the business challenges of congestion and parking and keeps employees happy with simple, stress-free rides to work.

On-Demand for Employers in Action

Benefits for Employers

  • Reduce costs related to leasing cars, paying for gas, parking, etc.
  • Improve retention and attract talent from further away
  • Increase productivity and reduce employee stress with a better work-life balance
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and traffic during peak times

Benefits for Employees

  • Peace of mind and more personal time
  • Flexible transport options according to route, traffic, timing
  • More freedom: No driving, traffic, or parking headaches


  • Multiple employee validation options make it easy for employees to start booking their rides
  • Ability to integrate with other private-sector apps
  • Offers fixed group reservations
  • Choose between using the Moovit app with custom options for your employees or a white-label app with a custom-built experience for your brand
  • Manage and monitor the shuttles’ pick-ups for employees
  • Budget management tool offers easy-to-use data on individual and overall commuter costs
  • Data and insights to help organizations make better transportation decisions

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