Moovit Launches Urban Mobility Data And Analytics Tools

Published: August 29, 2017

Introducing the world’s most comprehensive tool set to help cities and transport agencies shape the future of urban mobility

London – June 20, 2017

Moovit, the #1 public transport app and biggest repository of transport data and analysis in the world, today announced the availability of its data to cities worldwide in a new suite of tools that empower decision makers with accurate, real-time public transport data (

Moovit’s Smart Transit Suite includes a set of game-changing features that provide cities, organisations and governments access to an unprecedented amount of data available on public transport in cities worldwide. With access to this data and analysis, organisations can better manage their cities, from planning construction projects to managing current transport issues. Thanks to this development, Moovit is now able to provide a valuable data resource to communities that has until today been previously unavailable and will help to accurately shape the future of urban mobility. Other tools in the Suite include rapid, advanced survey capabilities and real-time bus locators.

 “Moovit is making urban transit planners’ dreams come true,” said Moovit VP of Products & Growth Yovav “Jay” Meydad. “Cities, transport agencies and organizations working with Moovit’s Smart Transit Suite can become smarter and more adequately plan for a burgeoning population.”

 Moovit built its tools after collecting hundreds of millions of data points every day for several years from more than 1,400 cities where Moovit is available. The company combined publicly available transport data from transit companies and government agencies with anonymous data from Moovit’s 60 million users and crowdsourced data from Moovit’s community of 170,000 local editors. The project is unprecedented in the history of public transit.

Moovit’s game-changing tools for cities include:

Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics – a powerful analytics tool that combines multiple data sources with advanced algorithms, analyses population movements around a city, and provides visual insights on public transport, all from anonymous aggregated data.

Transit Surveys – An advanced online system which creates, distributes and analyses transport related surveys answered by non-incentivised, targeted Moovit app users. These traveller surveys are managed in real time and provide results visualization as well as anonymised, detailed answers.

Transit Data Studio – A comprehensive transit data management tool with an easy-to-use web interface enables you to create, edit and manage public transit information. Based on the GTFS global standard, the data for transit stops, lines, shapes, trips, schedules, and more, can be accessed and used immediately by any external website or application.

Real time bus locator – A light, easily integrated cloud-based system that monitors, displays and analyses the real-time location of city buses. The Bus Locator also enables distribution of real-time bus arrival information to travellers via any website, mobile application or digital signs connected to Moovit’s API.

Trip Planner API — A web service accessed through an HTTP interface that allows public transit directions between locations with unprecedented multi-modal capabilities.

 Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics NYC

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