Moovit Launches Global Moovit University Program

Published: May 8, 2017

After successful pilot programs in Guadalajara and Puebla (Mexico), Athens (Greece) and Syracuse (NY, USA), the Moovit University Program officially launched at the University of Maryland (USA) with the help of MTVU, MTV’s award winning On-Campus Network.

About the Moovit University Program

The Moovit University Program is a global initiative from Moovit, working with students to help “map” cities in their area for Moovit’s free transit app that serves more than 60 million people around the world. Students use Moovit’s specialized Moovit Editor tool to chart routes, stops and other mass transit details for the app.

Participating students join the network of more than 150,000 local Moovit editors called Mooviters. Their hyperlocal input gives Moovit the most accurate and current data of any transit app in the world. The program is so successful that Moovit (available on iOS, Android and the web) is opening services in a new city every 16 hours.

The Moovit University Program not only activates students to be more involved in community initiatives, but also provides them a unique opportunity to work with a leading global tech company like Moovit, in addition to learning valuable computer and geomapping skills.

University of Maryland

As part of Maryland Day on 29 April 2017, students from the Geography Club at the University of Maryland joined forces with Moovit for a “mapathon” to add the local University Shuttle to the app, making it easier for students to have a streamlined travel experience between public and private transit methods in their area.

MTVu filmed the event and interviewed Moovit’s VP Head of Global Communications Steve Swasey and North American Countries Manager David Klein, as well as two members of the University of Maryland’s Geography Club — you can see the full video here.

Moovit University Program - University of Maryland & MTVU

Behind the Scenes: VP Head of Global Communications, Steve Swasey and North American Manager, David Klein being interviewed by MTVU.

Moovit University Program - University of Maryland MTVU

Behind the Scenes: University of Maryland Geography Club students mapping their University Shuttle on the Moovit app.

You can also find out more information by clicking on this article from the university newspaper, The Diamondback.

University of Syracuse

Mid-April 2017 saw the first Moovit University Program pilot in the US with the University of Syracuse Geography Club. Members of the Moovit team that specializes in working with Mooviters all around the world logged in remotely via video chat to help the club members map Dutchess County.

Check out photos from the event here.

Harokopio University

Students in the Geography Department of Harokopio University in Athens worked with Moovit in March, learning how to use the Moovit Editor to map various Greek islands before Summer 2017 so tourists and locals alike could benefit from using public transit to explore the islands. They were able to map the following islands on the Moovit app: Santorini, Mykonos, Kos, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Amorgos. This is an ongoing project and over 50 students have signed up to be part of the project.

Assistant Professor Stamatis Kalogirou, Department of Geography, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece, said, “Our collaboration with Moovit offers a great opportunity for our students to engage with a real-world project, to experience various roles as part of a team, and to face the challenges of data collection and digitization in Greece. The geocoding of bus stops and routes in high touristic islands (such as Santorini and Rhodes) is a contribution of our students to the local communities and will help in the improvement of the quality of tourism. The latter is vital for the Greek economy, especially this summer.”

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara & Puebla

Regarding the Moovit University Program partnership in Mexico, Dr. Domingo Coss, Professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara Campus said, “I believe that the collaboration between Moovit and the Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara will allow greater knowledge among our students about public transport, which will translate into better service by reducing waiting times and transfer times in our metropolitan area.”

Click here to read a full case study about the projects in Mexico.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about helping your community as an individual, visit our Mooviters website to find out more. If you’re a student or teacher of a university or local club who’s interested in helping improve local transit in your area, visit our Moovit University Program page for more details.

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