Moovit and Waze Carpool join forces to upgrade everyday carpooling for millions

Published: October 30, 2019

Today is a big day in the urban mobility industry.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Waze Carpool, Waze’s community based carpooling service – by commuters, for commuters. Together, we have launched a pilot program offering a more affordable, convenient, and fun way to commute, together in the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel. This is the first partnership of its kind to have the capacity to empower millions of daily commuters to share the road and the costs.

With half a billion users, Moovit is the platform used most by public transit riders, while Waze Carpool has the world’s largest community of drivers. Now, Waze Carpool drivers can connect with even more riders heading in the same direction via Moovit’s app with the first ride for new Waze Carpool users.

Here’s how it works

    • Jump start the carpool: Moovit users enter in their starting point and destination, along with the time they would like to leave
    • Fasten your seatbelts: Moovit will display Waze Carpool drivers going the same way and matching that route in the Suggested Routes screen
    • Merge lanes: Once Moovit users tap on the driver to request a ride, they will be sent to the Waze Carpool app where they can request to join the ride and get notified when the carpool is confirmed
    • Put the pedal to the metal: As the carpool begins, users can follow the driver’s progress to the pickup location using the Waze Carpool app
    • You have reached your destination: Users can enjoy the shared road and the costs and get to their destination in a quick and affordable manner

This initial pilot is in line with our mission of simplifying urban mobility, and collectively with Waze, we aim to take more cars off the road and make traffic a thing of the past.

Read more about the partnership here.

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