Ready2Go? Moovit Partners and Aberdeenshire Council Launch the Region’s First Enhanced Demand-Responsive Transport Service

Published: August 17, 2021

Since the onset of the pandemic and fluctuating demand for public transport, demand-responsive transport service solutions have been brought to the forefront to help solve the mobility conundrum of providing either too much service or not enough. By keeping riders connected and safe while enabling transport agencies to optimise services, demand-responsive transport is a 21st-century solution to a 21st-century challenge and meets the evolving needs and expectations of modern passengers, which have shifted in response to the pandemic

That’s why we are excited to announce that our latest demand-responsive partnership with Aberdeenshire Council in Scotland has officially begun. The new service, Ready2Go Around Inverurie, has replaced the region’s Dial-A-Ride service and locals can quickly and easily book their Ready2Go rides, powered by Moovit’s On-Demand technology, via the Ready2Go app, powered by Moovit’s White Label App solution. 

The dynamic shared service for residents in the Inverurie region offers passengers a more modern and digitised transport service that shortens wait times and makes it easy to book and track buses. Moovit’s On-Demand technology uses an intelligent algorithm that pools multiple riders going in the same direction at the same time into a shared vehicle. The service then picks passengers up at physical or virtual stops which are either at their desired pick-up location or just a short walk away. 

The upgrade from a Dial-A-Ride service to on-demand allows riders to seamlessly plan and book their ride through the Ready2Go app instead of needing to call the dispatch center, though the Council will maintain the call service for those without smartphones and passengers who need technical or other assistance. Ready2Go offers a modern mobility option that is perfect for people connecting to some of the main transport hubs in the area including Inverurie, Insch and Kintore railway stations to help improve onward travel opportunities. 

With data-driven service planning, smart routing algorithms, and the ability for passengers to use their smartphone to book the service, like they do so many other things, on-demand microtransit has allowed agencies around the world to ‘upgrade’ their Dial-A-Ride, paratransit, and DRT services with a more modernised and optimised service with success. 

The potential of demand-responsive transport services in cities, suburbs and rural areas is huge and transport agencies have the opportunity to try new and innovative ways to build more resilient, sustainable transport networks that better solve the needs of the community and help reduce private car usage. 

Read more about this partnership here.

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