Moovit-led Safe Shift proposal is chosen as winner of City of Tomorrow Challenge

Published: November 29, 2018

We’re proud that Ford Motor Company has announced a Moovit-led proposal is a winner in its City of Tomorrow Challenge. The proposal, named Safe Shift, addresses mobility issues in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Objectives of Safe Shift

Safe Shift’s aims to help Pittsburgh’s night shift workers, particularly women, travel to and from work safely and efficiently. By talking to local employers, the Safe Shift team identified the needs of shift workers who travel while tired and in the dark, and the plan is to help these employees by providing safe and reliable transit during off peak and unpredictable hours.

Safe Shift Solution

The Safe Shift model promotes safety, inclusivity, and sustainability in an area of the workforce that is traditionally underserved by corporate interest and municipal resources. By coupling unused shuttles with Moovit’s cutting-edge Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology to meet the mobility needs of employees, Safe Shift creates a smart transit ecosystem that both employers and employees can rely on.

Additionally, Moovit’s multi-modal app, connects its users with the greater Port Authority transportation system. This has the added effect of promoting and enabling use of public transportation and does not detract anything from the existing transit system.

Moovit Safe Shift City of Tomorrow Screenshot

About The City of Tomorrow Challenge

The Ford City of Tomorrow Challenge is a crowdsourcing platform created to help prepare cities for the future, bringing groups of people together to design and pilot new solutions to help improve mobility in cities. It gathered officials, residents and local businesses in Pittsburgh, and had sponsors such as AT&T, Dell Technologies, Microsoft and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.

About The Safe Shift Team

The Safe Shift team came together as part of the Mobiliti Conference in Pittsburgh in early October. The members consist not only of Moovit, but also representatives from local transportation and advocacy groups, and students, including the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh,, and The Ehrilichman Group.

Next Steps

The Safe Shift project will be funded to set up a pilot scheme to test the implementation in a real-world setting.

Moovit is excited to take next steps to making the proposal a reality. The idea was chosen as a winner out of more than 125 mobility solution proposals, 13 of which were selected as semi-finalists — no mean feat!

Congratulations team!

Photo credit @Ford: From left: 

Courtney Ehrlichman, The Ehrlichman Group
Ronda Craig, Outreach Specialist,
Frank Kopas, VP Global Sales, Moovit
Aniela Kuzon, Global Lead, City of Tomorrow Challenge, Ford
Hannah Katz, North American Operations Manager, Moovit
Bill Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh
Paul Park, MBA candidate, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
Brian Swanson, Director of Sales Engineering, Moovit
Bill Walker, Trade Institute PGH
Karina Ricks, Director, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh
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