Highlights from Our First Virtual European Ambassadors Meetup

Here at Moovit, we’re lucky to have a huge community of volunteers that help us map public transit networks in their own cities, in places that would be unmapped if not for them. We call them our ‘Mooviters’, and the Mooviter Comm…

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Highlights from Moovit’s Second Annual Community Meet-up in Italy

Moovit’s super powers come from our Mooviter Community, transit enthusiasts who use Moovit tools to map their local transit lines and make it available to everyone. The cities they map …

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Highlights from Moovit’s Second Annual Community Meet-up in Spain

It’s no secret that we are passionate about our Mooviter community – a network of more than half a million local editors, passionate users, that help map and maintain local transit information in cities that would otherwise be unserved. The cities they map account for 70% of the hundreds of cities that Moovit has launched service in, an…

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Moovit’s Community Puts the Pedal to the Metal For 4th Annual Mooviter Ambassador Meet-up in Brazil

The Mooviter Community’s most active members from Brazil recently came together in São Paulo for their fourth annual Mooviter Ambassador Meet-up. The first meet-up was seven ambassadors strong, and as the Mooviter community grew dramatically to 625,000 local editors, this event saw 50 of Moovit’s most passionate users from 30 cities acr…

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Moovit City Experts: New Mooviter Community Initiative Takes Place in Bucharest

A new community initiative and the next frontier of Moovit’s community programs saw Mooviters, both veterans and newcomers, hit the streets of Bucharest to improve the local public transit information in the Romanian capital city. The

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