Digitizing Agency Services and Adding Real-Time Information for a Better Rider Experience

The Challenge

Trotta Mobility operates a fleet of 200 buses throughout Italy. Like many public transport operators, Trotta Mobility was faced with the challenge of unifying their service information in one place and creating real-time bus feeds to give riders the ability to easily plan their journeys and know when their next bus is coming.

With no transit data management in place, getting any information to users was difficult, let alone real-time data. Fleet management was also an issue, as their operators had little insight into where their fleet was at any given moment, meaning any service disruption or congestion could not be proactively avoided.

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The Solution

With the help of Moovit TimePro, Trotta Mobility has been able to digitize its services and create real-time feeds and service alert feeds, informing riders of changes as they happen, giving them a complete view of their entire fleet through a web-based dashboard. After a successful pilot in the city of Potenza, Trotta Mobility adopted the scalable solution in Fiumicino.

Trotta TimePro MoovitThe agency has endorsed Moovit as its official app, enabling riders to plan multimodal journeys and to know exactly when their next bus will be arriving, saving them time and giving them peace of mind throughout their trips. Additionally, the agency can send service alerts through the Moovit app via in-app pop-ups and push notifications for an instant, easy way to inform riders of changes, cancellations, and more.

The intuitive management dashboard for operators helps facilitate planning, scheduling, and day-to-day operations through a live map, real-time and historical data, with a dedicated, no-fuss driver app that feeds current location information to the dashboard. The operations team at Trotta Mobility can now easily see where buses are in real-time and proactively issue service alerts as needed. With the behind-the-scenes help of Moovit’s Transit Data Manager, the team has been able to digitize their data management, where they now have full visibility and control over their transit data.

Moovit has helped Trotta Mobility spread awareness of the partnership through social media, ensuring more riders know where and how they can get their real-time bus information. Moovit has also helped create and promote rider surveys to help Trotta Mobility measure and improve rider satisfaction

What the Customer Says

With Moovit TimePro and Transit Data Manager, we’re now able to offer our riders a seamless and reliable transit experience that works for everyone. We can now send important transit information instantly through the app, making it the easy choice for transit journeys.

Transport Engineer
Trotta Mobility

We now have full visibility into our day-to-day operations, which allows us to easily detect what’s not working and adapt. Our partnership with Moovit also enables our team to act proactively in cases of service disruptions in order to keep services running as efficiently as possible, no matter what.

Transport Engineer
Trotta Mobility


To gauge the success of Trotta Mobility’s new offerings, the agency worked with Moovit to launch a survey in order to hear from their riders. The survey of nearly 500 riders found the following:

  • Nearly 30% of respondents take public transport for their daily commutes
  • 93% of respondents have used Moovit to plan their journeys
  • 89% of respondents have used Moovit to get real-time bus arrival information
  • 85% of respondents would use public transport more with Moovit
  • 77% of respondents noted that the Moovit app has improved their public transport experience

About Trotta Mobility

Present on the tourist market for over 50 years, Trotta Mobility is based in Rome and operates throughout Italy. They deal with passenger transport, with a philosophy geared towards satisfying the needs of customers and riders. Trotta Mobility has a large fleet of vehicles, thanks to which they are able to respond adequately to any need related to the type and capacity of the vehicle, which ranges from 16 to 79 seats.

Their extensive and diverse experience in the passenger transport sector has allowed them to create partnerships with Malpensa Airport, Fiumicino Airport, and ItaloTreno, on behalf of which they manage the ItaloBus routes.

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