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Implementing a Country-Wide, Scalable Fare Payments Solution

The Challenge

Israel, a country built on innovation, wanted to offer its 9 million citizens an easier way to pay for public transportation throughout the country. In partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Transportation, together we deployed a scalable payment solution that includes over 15 transit agencies in the country. The challenge was enormous: Getting an entire country on a single platform that would enable them to plan their journeys and pay for them, as well. 

The previous ways to pay either required a physical card that needed to be topped up or the rider would need to pay in cash on the bus. Riders could get discounts only if they committed and paid for monthly, weekly, or daily passes, which wasted rider’s money if they didn’t use up their credits. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic became more serious in Israel, transit agencies prohibited using cash to pay on buses and trains, making the physical card the only way to pay for transit. For one-time users or tourists, having to buy and charge a physical card was an extra burden, incentivizing them to search for alternative mobility options. 

The Solution

mot english Moovit is helping revolutionize the public transit experience with an all-in-one app. Now, riders can plan, ride, and pay for all buses and trains throughout the country using only the Moovit app. 

With the new solution, Moovit calculates passenger’s trips at the end of every month and charges them retroactively, according to the lowest cost fare combination. A new pricing model means a daily spending cap prevents extraneous costs, instead calculating the total trip cost based on the distance traveled between six zones.

With the Moovit app, Israeli transit riders no longer need to make sure their card is charged in advance or try to find enough change for their ride and makes public transit much more convenient and attractive to citizens and tourists. 

In addition to easier payments, riders now enjoy the full gamut of Moovit app services, including public and shared transportation information on all travel routes as well as multimodal methods including taxis, shared scooters, carpools, bicycles, and more. With the launch of the payment service, Moovit users have all the info they need to plan a trip, stay updated in real-time, and pay for public transportation in an easy and convenient way, via one app. 


  • 88% are urban rides
  • 30% of riders use profile discounts given to senior citizens, students, and similar

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About the Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety is responsible for managing and setting policy in the transportation industry and for the transportation systems of the sea, air, and land. The Ministry is responsible for the planning, development, and regulation of integrated infrastructure and transportation systems that promote the mobility and logistics of Israeli citizens and the Israeli economy, contributing to the country’s economic and social growth while maintaining safety and the environment.

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